Sunday, March 11, 2012

Filling the void, back to barefoot.

   Ok, it has been two weeks tomorrow since the marathon. I took the first week off, it felt good to take care of my body and fully recover. I went skiing last weekend and I definitely benefited from being in shape.

   I read every article I could find on recovering from a marathon. One interesting article I came across was about post marathon depression. Interesting I thought, why would I be depressed when I have just worked so hard at something and succeeded? Well, the answer is actually quite simple and is common to other activities where goals that are difficult, are achieved. In the absence of that goal there is a void, fill the void and generally the problem is solved.

   Even though I really didn't feel exactly "depressed", I did feel like I was definitely missing something that
I had during training. I knew I had the Run To Remember half marathon coming up at the end of May, but three months away was so far off, and a half marathon, although a substantial accomplishment, for some reason just didn't seem that exciting from a training standpoint. I ran the Run to Remember last year, it really marked the beginning of my new running adventure. I am sure when it gets closer it will have much significance in charting my progress in running, to that point. What I needed now was something different and fun. Recalling a neighbors text about five or six weeks back, about a two day barefoot running festival, I immediately knew I had my next thing.

  Although interested when I first heard about it, it would have been entirely too much on my plate to focus on an additional goal, while coming to a crucial point in my marathon program. Now though, was the perfect time, with the weather getting warmer, to take off the shoes and get back out there to where it really all began, barefoot. I found their website, and after checking the family calendar and getting the thumbs up from my wife Kathleen, I signed up for the two day event.

   Many of the things I mentioned in my earlier posts, were inspired by the book Born to Run, and Barefoot Running Step By Step. One of the co- authors of "Step By Step" is a major pioneer in the barefoot running world. His name is "barefoot" Ken Bob Saxton. He will be just one of several notable individuals speaking, and giving workshops at the event. The Boston Barefoot Festival will also have the first official, barefoot, timed event, in Massachusetts. I am sure that it will be something very exciting to be a part of.

   Well, I've filled the void and gone back to barefoot. My first run without shoes let me know my feet were not as tough as they were at the end of last summer. I am going to take it very slow, and gradually prepare my feet for the 5k, April 15th. It makes me happy just thinking about the next 5 weeks of training, until the run. I do believe that running, and life are more about the journey than the destination. We all need to remember that every day is such a gift!

Happy Running