Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy summer everybody! I have to be honest, I do love the heat. My running has been going well, I just went back and read my last post, I love to see in print what I have accomplished, or not. It is challenging for me to remember all these things so being able to review is helpful.

   So, my last big run, a full 26.2 on July 27th went well. Not too much to say about it, other than better than the last time, but certainly not easy. I definitely did not over train, I might not have put in quite enough miles in fact. Next time I will try to get it right and meet somewhere in the middle. One thing that can be said though is starting a race at 7PM and running in the dark is awesome, I hope to do it again next year!

  I have a 10k coming up, next Saturday. Staying consistent, I have worked out a time to beat. Based on previous performances and recent track workouts I am shooting for under 42 minutes. It should be possible depending on conditions and the course etc. I am looking forward to a faster, shorter distance. I like the long runs too, but the challenges that you face in the shorter distances are just more manageable for me I guess. I just think I like to run fast sometimes. I am not giving up on the long stuff. I just can't always keep up with the time commitment needed. Ultimately though I think getting faster, and stronger, will make me a better runner overall, that is certainly my goal.

  I have really been enjoying this journey, I feel like I can consider myself a runner now. Getting faster as I age is really a mentally uplifting experience. I am happy to be 47 and look forward to meeting the challenges of aging, One mile at a time.

Happy running!