Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tomorrow is the big day.

 My training for the Hyannis marathon has come to an end, I really got a lot out of it in many ways. To stick with the program I had to make some adjustments in lifestyle, which was a good thing. It took some discipline to get the rest needed to wake up early for my Saturday long runs for sure.

So, tomorrow is the big day. No expectations. I drove the course a few days ago, which was a huge psychological boost for me. Seeing the route definitely helped get me excited. It is a fairly flat course, with some very nice ocean views. I am sure that being next to the ocean on a beautiful sunny day will help propel me on my way.Yes, sunny in the mid thirties, could certainly do worse at the end of February.

The race starts at 10am, plenty of time to get there, check in, and warm up to get ready to go. My plan is to try for a faster second half than first half. The course is a two 13.1 mile loop. Most people will be doing just the half marathon, about 4700 I think, with the remaining 600 doing the full marathon. If I can just not go out too fast I should be ok. I am thinking anywhere around 1 hr 50 min for the first lap and anything less than that for the second. If I feel great, well, we'll see. I will be happy with a good solid effort and a strong finish.

Well, taking it easy for the rest of the day. I did my 2 mi jog a short while ago. Getting hydrated, but not too much, carbo loading for the past few days. I have learned a lot the past few months, so much more to learn though. I am looking forward to tomorrow and will post soon after.

Happy running!

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