Friday, January 13, 2012

I finally got the pace right

I have so many things to write about. I take notes when ideas and thoughts pop into my head. I then try to organize it into something that makes sense. The problem is that time goes by so fast, that by the time I go to write, it seems like old news to me. So, what I am planning to do is not worry about it so much and just post things as the mood strikes, we'll see how this works out.

Last weekend I ran my 18 miles, it ended up being a little longer. I learned from the week before and went out nice and slow. I came up with a new route, an extension of my usual loop, and then my regular loop. So, two 7 mile loops and one 4.8. The advantage of the loop is you never end up being too far from home, and it gives you an opportunity to stash some water, and you can drop off extra clothing, flashlight etc. My goal was to start slow and speed up throughout the run, to finish at my marathon goal pace of 7min 46 sec. per mile. It was a success, I did my last mile at 7: 30. The idea is to train properly so you can finish the marathon, or any race, strong. One additional thing about running the loops that I have found out for myself is that 3 times around, to get to my total distance is optimal for me. I think that any more, 4 or 5 gets boring and just makes the run seem too long especially if your tired. I am hoping that my Hyannis marathon route, which is two loops, will work out. I think it will! When I am out running and get to 13.1, I say to myself, ok, one more time around.

Tomorrow is Saturday, my long day. I am scheduled for 22 miles. I may try to stretch it to 26.2 just to get the feel for that distance. Pace isn't important for this run so just to finish would be great, less than four hours is what I would be very happy with, if I do the 26. I better start early to get this one done. This is the longest run for my training, then I start working on improving my speed.

Happy running!

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