Saturday, January 14, 2012

Listen to your body.

Got a nice early start, very cold out at 5am. Dressed appropriately for the weather, I had my water bottle in hand and my new homemade energy gels ( recipe in a later post for sure). I was scheduled to do 22, but, had the thought that I may try for 26.2. Well, sometimes you have to listen to your body, and at about 20 miles, mine was definitely telling me that 22 was going to be more than enough for today. I finished the run, not strong I might add, oh well. The key thing is I didn't push it and so my recovery has been good.

After my long runs I make sure to lie on my back and put my legs up vertical, I try for 5 to 10 minutes. Then I stretch. When I shower, I finish with letting cold water run on my legs, usually for as long as I can stand it. So far this has worked well, I usually don't get too stiff. Also a protein drink or chocolate milk within about 30 minutes, then I start getting rehydrated with water.

Looking forward to an easy 5 miles tomorrow, and then next week some intervals at the track. One thing for sure is this winter has been amazing for running. I feel very fortunate about that.

Here is a great article worth reading, Trisha Reeves wrote it for, How to find your mid foot. It has so much information helpful for developing a good running form.

Happy running.

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