Saturday, January 28, 2012

Time flies!

My last post, I had run 22 miles for my long run on Saturday, since, I ran 16 last week and 18 today. I have just 3 long runs left and then the Saturday before the marathon, I just jog 2 miles. I can't believe I have been on my training program for 8 weeks! I certainly picked a great winter to train, with little snow, and unseasonably warm temps, it has been a pleasure to be outdoors.

I promised to post the recipe for the energy gel, which I will do, although I found out it really wasn't for me. There are many different ways to fuel your body, some are faster working, others slower. the honey based recipe ended up giving me cramps. I tried a gel recommended by someone at PR Running in Westboro, it is a gel that is absorbed slower. I used it two weeks in a row with great success. It is called Hammer Gel. I used this along with an electrolyte powder, also recommended.

One more thing I have been eager to mention is something that has been responsible for helping me stay on my training schedule, especially the Saturday runs. I make sure I get all my things together the night before. Water bottle, shoes socks etc. all ready to go. It makes it very easy to get ready and eliminates any opportunity to find an excuse to go back to bed. I think it just allows me to keep my brain shut off for as long as possible, the next thing I know, I'm half way through my run. So by then I am all warmed up, it is usually just getting light out, and I am ready to work hard to finish.

My pace has been steadily improving, although I feel I still have a ways to go, I am much better than I was two months ago. That's it for now. Keep up on articles on and Runners World. The more you learn, the better you will  perform.

Happy running!

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